Aviation aluminum foil lunch box is widely used in the daily life of residents
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Aviation aluminum foil lunch box is widely used in the daily life of residents

Aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers have the characteristics of non-toxic and harmless, safety and health, high and low temperature resistance, green environmental protection, regeneration and energy saving, good sealing, convenient and fast. At the same time, the production of aluminum foil materials adopts high-temperature annealing disinfection process, so that the surface can not breed bacteria and microorganisms. Moreover, aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers also have strict national standards and industry standards, which provide guarantee for the production, processing and quality of such products.

In the current epidemic prevention war, the most important thing is to do a good job in the logistics support and protection of front-line medical staff, patients and staff. What can not be ignored is the food supply. We should not only consider the quality and taste of the food itself, meet the food safety, pathogen protection and the convenience of logistics distribution in the epidemic area, but also ensure the efficiency of food production and packaging, as well as disinfection and disposal of food waste in the ward. Therefore, the advantages of aluminum foil boxes and catering containers can be effectively solved To ensure the food safety during the outbreak and meet the requirements of epidemic protection.

In recent years, in addition to the common aviation aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers, a large number of aluminum foils have been used in the daily life of residents. Aluminum foil food boxes and containers can not only safely contact with food, but also can be recycled, which can replace plastic and paper lunch boxes in a large number. It can be said that the use of aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers is not only an important choice to solve the current public health and food safety, but also an important choice to promote green consumption, protect food safety, save food and practice the concept of sustainable development.

China is the largest producer of primary aluminum and aluminum foil in the world. The annual output of aluminum foil is more than 4 million tons. There are hundreds of aluminum foil production enterprises with a wide range of distribution. At the same time, the aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers produced in China are not only sold at home, but also exported to overseas countries. Most of the aluminum foil lunch boxes used by foreign large airlines, large chain stores and restaurants, as well as domestic aluminum foil products for baking and barbecue are made in China.

Over the years, after going through the strict test of the international market, China's aluminum foil products industry has already possessed high manufacturing level, quality level, development ability, supply capacity and service ability, forming a complete industrial chain and a relatively perfect service system, which can meet the needs of aluminum foil products in the period of epidemic prevention and control, emergency rescue and disaster relief as soon as possible To meet the growing demand of various domestic consumer markets.

The novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control at the critical moment and the special period to ensure food safety and public health and health, the advantages of aluminum foil boxes and containers have been further highlighted. The society of aluminum foil and aluminum foil industry enterprises has been well prepared, and is willing to stand up to show the corporate social responsibility and the mission of the industry, and make full use of the supply of aluminum foil boxes and containers. Perfect catering solutions to help the logistics work of epidemic prevention and control.

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